Go for Joe: El Camino Teaser Returns to an Iconic Breaking Bad Location

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie just reintroduced another fan-favorite character from the hit AMC series. Larry Hankin’s Old Joe is front and center in the new look at the highly anticipated movie. After making the movie in secret, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan has slowly been unveiling a little bit more about the project, though it is very much still shrouded in mystery. Fans of the original series waited a long time for an official announcement, and now we have a small collection of footage, teasing what lies ahead for Jesse Pinkman.

In the latest footage from El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Larry Hankin’s Old Joe can be seen checking out a news report about Jesse Pinkman. The phone rings and it’s apparently Jesse calling in a favor. Joe has been a great help to Jesse and Walter White over the years and one can assume he will be doing the same thing for the movie too. He helped the unlikely duo dispose of the RV and even provided the giant magnet at the beginning of season 5.

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In addition to helping with aforementioned situations, Joe also helped Walt and Jesse with their portable lab. He seems to have a pretty good grasp of the law when holding his own against Hank. While Old Joe wasn’t in a whole lot of Breaking Bad episodes, he is a key figure who helped Jesse and Walt out in some pretty major ways. When Vince Gilligan teased returning characters, Larry Hankin’s Joe should have been one of the first that hardcore fans thought of.

In the full-length El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie trailer, we see that Jesse Pinkman is going to have quite the struggle ahead of him. Will he have too much heat on him for Old Joe to give him a hand this time around? That could very well be the case since the feds are on the hunt for him and know his true identity, which might make Joe more than a little uncomfortable. While Joe’s current allegiance is questionable, we know that Skinny Pete has Jesse’s back in the movie, thanks to the first teaser, which saw him in for questioning about Jesse.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie premieres October 11th on /tag/netflix/Netflix. It will also be in theaters that weekend for three days only. We’re only a few weeks away from seeing how Jesse Pinkman’s story ends and most fans cannot wait. There are still some who wish Vince Gilligan would have left the story alone and let the viewers imagine what happened to Aaron Paul’s character. But, Gilligan knew there would be pressure to get back into the world of Breaking Bad and he seems confident that he was able to pull off something satisfying for everybody. You can check out the latest footage from El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie below, thanks to the Netflix YouTube account.

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